Happy that Intuit and Netflix Are Down

I am happy that Intuit and Netflix stocks are down. this morning.  I am still mad at Intuit for deceptive practices in marketing TurboTax last year.  I bought what I thought was the same version of TurboTax that I had bought for years to do my income tax, but when I tried to use it, I found that it would not work.  I had to upgrade it.  I was supposed to get a $25 refund after I filed my taxes, but I never got it.  I am somewhat over a barrel, because I like the fact that TurboTax carries forward data from previous years.  If it weren’t for that feature, I would switch for sure.  I’ll see this coming year what other options there are.

I am not a Netflix fan because it doesn’t offer any good movies on the Internet.   We signed up with Netflix to get “House of Cards,” which was good.  Since we had Netflix after we watched “House of Cards,” we occasionally thought we would watch a movie.  We could never find anything interesting that we had not seen.  I am a Cary Grant fan, and there were usually only one or two of his movies, and they were not he best.  I never saw “North by Northwest” or “Bringing Up Baby” listed.  By contract, Apple has almost any movie you want, but you have to pay for it.  For us, it is probably better to pay Apple by the movie than to pay Netflix a monthly fee that provides no decent movies.